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Epoxy Inlay for a Pop of Color and Fancy

Table made for HGTV Fixer to Fabulous with gold epoxy inlay

If you need a decorative fix to an existing crack on a favorite wood piece, or just want to add a pop of color and wow factor to an old boring wood design, an epoxy inlay is a cheap and easy way to give your furniture a face lift. With the multitude of color options and even glow in the dark epoxy powder you can turn your room from drab to fab!

straight cut bit for router

Before we dive in lets get our wood piece prepped and ready! If your wood piece has an existing crack or hole you are wanting to fill then great! you're ready to go. For my DIY friends creating a design in an existing wood piece there are a few tolls and tricks you will need. You will need a router with a straight cut bit. you may also use a table saw or circular saw to cut your design. Remember to be safe and smart use googles when working with any tool and be sure to keep fingers away from the blades. you should adjust saw depth to prevent cutting all the way through your wood piece.

Now that your table design is ready you will need a few things to create your beautiful inlay.

1. painters tape (this is a life saver trust me)

2. Twenty-Four hour Epoxy (you can order this online or find at your local hardware store)

3. Finishing wax. ( This keeps epoxy from sticking to things you don't want it to stick to)

4. Heating gun or a Blow Dryer will work as well.

5. Epoxy or concrete color powder dyes. (order online or find at local hardware store, remember to select a color that will work with the room you are placing your wood piece in)

6. Mixing container and wood stirring stick ( you can find these in most paint departments)

7. Sander

8.Card scraper

This is a card scraper. wonderful tool for removing excess epoxy

Ok my friends you have your wood piece, you have you list of tools, you have your super trendy googles, so let the fun begin!

1. Make sure you clean the surface of the piece you are working with. clear all debris with a brush or an air hose. it is very important to maintain a dust free environment for this project.

2. TAPE. (this tape is your new best friend, if you were Ben Affleck then this tape would be Matt Damon!)

_If you are filling cracks or holes tape the underside of the crack or hole. This will keep the epoxy from running or dripping through the hole. Without this step you have just successfully glued your piece to your work bench. ( I learned this the hard way.)

3. Finishing wax! your second best friend.

-Use the finishing wax to cover areas around your holes, cracks, or new design. This will keep the epoxy from sticking where you dont want it to stick. This step will save you a lot of sanding time. Seriously use the wax!

Now your project is prepped, ready, and like the experiment days in science class the fun is about to begin.

4. Grab that epoxy and mix per instructions from the manufacture. This is when you will mix in your color powder you chose. Mix well.

In Fixer to Fabulous Jenny chose gold. She's just fancy like that.

5. Now after mixing use your heat gun or blow dryer to heat up epoxy. This step is important because it helps reduce air bubbles and will lower the viscosity of the epoxy which will allow it to fill every small nook and cranny.

I may or may not enjoy hot things.

6. Now the time has come. You can do this. Apply the epoxy.

- simply pour mixture into the desired spots you have prepped. Try to slightly over fill (remember you have your second best friend wax there to back you up.)

7. Once you have the area filled you will need to grab your heat gun or blow-dryer to add heat to the epoxy. This step is important. It will help remove any air bubbles, and also push the epoxy into hard to reach areas.

If your here then you've gone too heavy on the heat

8. Allow your masterpiece 24 hours to dry.

9. After the epoxy has completely hardened use your card scraper or sander to remove excess epoxy.

10. You can now apply any top coat to finish off your masterpiece! Congratulations you created a one of a kind piece for your beautiful home.

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