• Chase Looney

A Wood Workers Tale

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

I don't have a memory from my youth that doesn't include the smell of fresh sawdust or a structure fire. My father along with being a firefighter was a Master Carpenter. They say you love what you know. In my case that rings true. I often accompanied my father on Fire emergency calls, but my favorite place to be was under his feet as he built in his wood shop. Riding along in the Fire Engine was as exhilarating to me as drawing pictures in sawdust on the floor of his shop.

Riding to a structure fire with my father at age 5. My mother and grandmother made me my own bunker gear.

At age 14 I began my apprenticeship as a carpenter in training. After school and on weekends I began at the bottom of the ladder. I cleaned job sites and in spare time learned the basics of carpentry. Once i graduated from the cleaning crew i was intrusted with trimming out closets. My father was kind but honest. If i was going to persue carpentry i would have to learn that if it was not perfection then it was not finished. years of trial and error molded me into the man all about detail i am today.

By the age of 20 I became one of the youngest master carpenters in the state of Arkansas. i could trim a house blindfolded but wanted more. I then began to combine my love of art and woodwork and decided to start making custom wood pieces. I enjoyed creating one of a kind pieces for the homes i trimmed.

I joined the Bentonville Fire Department in 2009. The irony of building structures then watching them burn was not lost on me. I found beauty in both. I was fallowing in my fathers footsteps and i was fulfilled.

As i grew in my craft I developed a love for the timber harvested locally in Northwest Arkansas. I met Dave and Jenny Marrs in 2012 while working in down town Bentonville. Dave and Jenny shared the same passion for one of a kind homes and restoring Bentonville's beautiful history. We agreed that harvesting native wood added to the story of these homes.

Dave and Jenny Marrs create warm inviting homes and i do my best to keep that theme in my pieces. Each piece i create is made with the homeowner in mind. Hope that sitting down to a family dinner on a table i built, opening a custom door i made to invite friends and family in, little hands hanging stockings on a mantle i built, or even carrying to bed a sleeping child up the stairways i hand crafted all add joy, love, and memories to the lives that are touched by these homes.

i hand crafted all pieces in hopes they add joy, love, and memories to the lives that are touched by these homes.

Life for me is about family. Ive now watch things come full circle as i have my son at my feet drawing in the sawdust while i build. coming to house fires in his homemade bunkers to help dad out on the engine truck. These are the things that bring me joy.

With each piece i complete and every fire i rush to I keep in mind the lesson my father taught. If it is not perfection then it is not finished.

This is the one thing in my life i have perfected

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